New Year Message From Nathaniel Peat, Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Rep United Kingdom (South)

We are almost at the dawn of the Gregorian calendar new year and we cannot forget the great accomplishments and successes we have experienced through some of the hardest times of this decade.

There have been many people that have passed away in 2021, and they will be not be forgotten the legacy shall continue through the smiles, the hugs, the laughter, the pictures, and memories that we have during this period and beyond.

As the Chair of Jamaicans Inspired and Jamaica Diaspora lead for the south of England on the Global Jamaica Diaspora Council. I want to send warmest greetings to the entire Jamaican family overseas.

As this year has brought its challenges, as Jamaicans we have not only preserved and weathered the storm but we have overcome some of the hardest challenges, which is a testament to our true nature.

Looking forward, now is the time to reconnect with your heritage, it’s the time to think about how you can leave an impact both at home and in the diaspora.
If you are not connected yet then make it a mission to do so in 2022!

We in the European Jamaican Diaspora want to connect with you and hear from inspirational and motivating individuals and others who simply have a passion for our great country Jamaica.

Now is the time to turn pain into passion and purpose, to celebrate life and the ability to make tomorrow a better day for the generation to come.

See how you can engage with Jamaica as it moves towards Jamaica 60, and I am encouraging all members of the diaspora community to get involved in the Jamaica 60 Diaspora Conference and independence celebrations scheduled.
The only limit that exists is the one that we put in our mind, therefore take the limits off and do something different that will impact Jamaica and the Jamaican diaspora. Happy New Year to you all!

Nathaniel Peat, Global Jamaica Diaspora Council Rep United Kingdom (South)