No land after 28-year loan, I need to sue for my money

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I loan my husband’s family over thirty thousand American dollars. They kept telling me that I would get land for the money. In fact up to last year they told me that the probate was just coming through for their father and that I would get the land soon. I have found out that the land was already surveyed and even a part sold before the probate was even started umpteen years ago.
So I need to sue these liars for my money.
How do I go about it. If I can get a lawyer on their case maybe they’ll be scared enough to pay me off. I need a lawyer as I lost the receipts to prove they got the money and not even Western Union can prove transactions gone so long ago.
What do you think?
Maria N

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RESPONSE: Dear Maria N
Based on the information provided you may have serious challenges and therefore need an attorney as the matter is statute barred. The money was loaned over six years ago which is the number of years a matter can be brought up before the Court. The other hiccup according to the attorney is that you do not have proof of any sale agreement, that is to say the money you gave was accepted in return for land.
The attorney recommends that you either consider taking the matter of fraud through the criminal court or get persons willing to sign affidavits and go to court with you and the lawyer to be successful for refund of loan.
If you still want to talk to an attorney please write again, so that we can connect you with one should you need our help.
Legal Wiz


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