No Time To Talk Music, These Jamaican Entertainers Open Up About Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse

An unfiltered conversation about the rising incidences of domestic violence within Jamaican communities was the central focus at the celebration of life for Ricky Trooper’s daughter Brianna McKoy on Saturday, May 13.

An understandably emotional Trooper cried numerous times during the broadcast hosted by Garfield “Chin” Bourne.

Rivalry Aside for An Important Cause

“I wanted to do something special for Ricky Trooper, despite our rivalry. It’s amazing how The Creator brings us together in mysterious ways,” says Chin. “Both Ricky Trooper and I saw a huge value in highlighting his daughter’s death. I am sure it has helped others cope with the pain of their situations.”

Multiple Perspectives on Domestic Violence

Sound Chat Radio expanded on Ricky Trooper’s circumstances with a curated discussion on domestic violence. Panelists included New York State Senator Kevin Parker, Leslie Jones Esq., Sharon Brown and Dr. Marie Labranche. The diverse guest line up brought their range of legislative, legal, human resources and family therapy expertise to the passionate conversation, respectively.

Law That Protects Survivors of Domestic Violence

In a key moment, Senator Kevin Parker discussed the New York State Phoenix Act, a recently passed Domestic Violence bill he sponsored. Namely, the bill defines Coercive Control as a felony offense, as well as extends the statute of limitations for prosecuting intimate partner violence. The New York State Phoenix Act is one of 10 bills passed by New York State Senators to improve protections for survivors of domestic, sexual violence in wake of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

“I hope to change the way people view sound system culture and its key players,” says Chin. “It’s critical that we get involved in the issues that plague our communities, with Domestic Violence being a fight we must join.”

The impassioned night closed with a balloon release, which again brought Ricky Trooper to tears. The selector was overwhelmed by the memorial and the many sounds, fans, community members and special guests, which also included Nesbeth and QQ.

Watch the full discussion here.

Photo – Acclaim PR, Irish and Chin