“Get on the stage and showcase your talents” – A Conversation with High Fashion Dread, Tadmar Moore

Tadmar Moore, also known as the High Fashion Dread, is a popular Instagram blogger with over 19,000 followers. Each week, he takes his followers on a style journey, showing photos of what he is wearing that day. Tadmar grew up in the small Montego Bay town of Mt. Salem in St. James. He is the first-born of his father’s four sons. Tadmar describes himself as intelligent, reliable, dedicated, hardworking – someone with high expectations when it comes to obtaining results. He has an extremely positive attitude and is always looking to get the best results from any situation. He us passionate about his image, believing that “how one presents themselves daily says a lot about them and can carry them a far way in life.” Here is our conversation with High Fashion Dread, Tadmar Moore.


What inspired you to create the Instagram blog 876 High Fashion Dread?
I considered myself a social media addict so I am always interested in learning about different social media platforms and its different purposes. My page was first created to express me versus my fashion sense which has now taken over.

Your Instagram blog is incredibly successful with near 20,000 fans. Has its popularity taken you by surprise?
I must say that it has taken me by surprise. Initially when I started I never imagined the fan base to be where it’s currently at. I assume I am delivering to everyone’s expectation which resulted in the daily increase.

High Fashion Dread Tamar Moore

High Fashion Dread Tadmar Moore

When did you first fall in love with fashion?
I fell in love with fashion when I started my first job in the corporate world 10 years ago.

Which designers do you love right now?
A few of my favourite labels are Express Men, Zara’s, Topman and Armani who provides fitted men suites to my liking and fantastic work/leisure attire. I also like to get ideas and share with a new favourite local designer Brand Marco who is able to conceptualize my vision and make it a reality

Any plans to start a fashion line?
Even though I am encouraged daily, there’s nothing in the pipeline, but I wouldn’t rule out that decision just yet.

High Fashion Dread Tamar Moore

High Fashion Dread Tadmar Moore

How would you describe your own personal style?
My sense of fashion is considered classic and timeless.  I mix and match or give my outfits a more contemporary twist by paying attention to little details including cuts, textures, patterns, colours, and accessories. I favour the ‘preppy’ look most times but like to be on the edge dependent on the occasion. Blazers, vests, sweaters, V-necks, ties, accessories and fragrances are all integral components of the sartorial makeup. I’d rather look overdressed that than be under-dressed. I always tell persons that the colour I wear depicts the mode I am in. I will admit though that I will be on the job and whilst working I am going through my closet, putting together the next day’s outfit in my head. It’s crazy but it my daily mode of preparation for the corporate world.
Give us 5 tips casual wear fashion tips for men who want to look sharp!

  1.  Begin with a closet inventory, and assess what it is you need.
  2. If you are going to work, dress like you are about to take over the role of the CEO as in any given day you can be asked to represent your organisation and image is always the first characteristic observed.
  3. Do not wear a brown belt with black shoes, or vice versa.
  4. Men don’t get to wear lots of accessories, so make sure the ones you do wear look good.
  5. A white shirt is essential, and dark red, any blue, or a medium-to-dark green can dress up with khakis/tailored pants or dress down with jeans.

Who or what has been your greatest fashion influence?
Davidson Frere & Ryan Clark who are great ambassadors of Style and Fashion globally.

You seem to be a natural in front of the camera. Are you venturing more into modelling outside of your Instagram blog?
I have no plan in going in front the camera professionally. Naturally I think I could but it’s not in my life’s mission.

What other fashion Instagram blogs would you recommend?
Highfashionblackmen, Menister_of_style, ThePoshstandards are a few of the lot I would recommend as they give you a diversity of men’s fashion

What opportunities have presented themselves since you started all this?
Wow! I will say I have done quite a few interviews for different media platforms which was influenced through my Instagram page. I have also had invites to be a part of the judging panel for a few pageants as well as an editorial feature in prominent Caribbean magazine. One of the best opportunity for me though is traveling and being approached by random strangers who indicate that they follow me on Instagram and admires my taste in style which sometimes  them  try one of my looks for a function and I felt proud of myself for that. I had never imagined how my look mattered and influenced others.

High Fashion Dread Tamar Moore

High Fashion Dread Tadmar Moore

What’s your super power?
My attention to details

In a nutshell, your philosophy is?
My Philosophy “Things are not going to come to you on their own. Get on the stage and showcase your talents. Nobody’s going to discover your potential until you do it for yourself.

Thanks for the interview. Anything else you’d like to share?
Always show confidence when you exit your house doors and hold your head high as my thinking when I leave my home is “People will always stare…make it worth their while”! Fashion mistakes are made by people with deep pockets than by those who shop on a budget. Most men sometimes could care less what they wear or how they look as long as it fits well.

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