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No Problem Mon

Everyone worries a little now and then, but is there stress in Jamaica? Every time you talk to someone in Jamaica they tell you, “No problem mon”. This is how it should be. I think everyone worries about their kids and money these issues don’t just disappear. In Jamaica though everyone seems to be satisfied. Even if they do not have a lot of money it seems that the way of life is just more relaxed. They accept their daily output to be whatever they can accomplish and tomorrow is another day. Seems less stressful any way when you are there. It is a certain pace for life and living that you must stand back and admire. I still haven’t figured out why most Jamaicans drive so fast though. Is it a contest? Is it just that everything else can wait but when I get behind the wheel, look out, cause the road just drives them crazy?

Accidents seem on the rise and even these sorts of events don’t make my Jamaican friends drive a little slower and more carefully. Traffic lights could certainly help but I guess if I were there I wouldn’t want to stop either. Everyone just wants to get where they are going and in a hurry too. “ No problem mon”.

The first time I went to Jamaica I stayed at the Sandals Inn in Montego Bay. A charming inn located off a busy side street right on the water. I was hoping for a room with a view of the ocean, which they gave me. It was great to see the locals every day. I admired their lifestyle to go for a morning swim to start the day. Every Jamaican must feel it is his right to swim in the ocean that surrounds the island. I wouldn’t want it any other way. “No problem mon”.

W e should take the time to be more like our Jamaican friends. What is the hurry? We are so driven to make our bosses and customers happy we do not really make ourselves happy until it is too late. We are only here for a short while as the earth keeps spinning. We need to all live in peace. We need to stop murdering each other and stop all wars. Living in peace should be the goal for everyone. “No problem mon”.

Stress can be a killer to someone that lets it get out of hand. Relax and enjoy all life has to offer. Even if what you have is not a lot, enjoy what you do have. Wake up each day and look towards the sky to be grateful it is another beautiful day. Stay true to your ideals and live to the best of your abilities. Slow down and smell the flowers, drink your drink and savor all your today’s because tomorrow is another day and life goes on. And remember……….”No problem mon”. As it is in Jamaica….IRIE!

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