Open Arms for Jamaica ’s Future – NGO Profile

 Our Mission
Open Arms for Jamaica ’s Future main purpose, is to provide financial and material assistance to a child in need in Jamaica . This assistance will include providing text books for school, uniforms and other essential school supplies as needed, and also to serve as a mentor to the child. 

Our Vision
To follow through on the quest that was started many years ago, to ultimately eliminate illiteracy in Jamaica by 

  • Increasing attendance across all schools
  • Fight to keep our young boys in school
  • Accomplish a partnership between all societies and the less fortunate
  • Facilitating mentoring programs for all

Open Arms for Jamaica ’s Future is a non profit organization dedicated to the children of Jamaica . Open Arms for Jamaica ’s Future came about from the willingness of a group of women, who had attachments to Jamaica and knew first hand the present need to help children of school age. Our goal is to raise enough funds to help one child from each Parish per school year. Children stay home from school for lack of transport, inability to pay tuition, lunch money, and other school supplies. The things most of us take for granted are maximum necessities for many. 

The Board

  • Shau-Shanna Miller ~ President, CT
  • Paulette Langley ~ Vice President, NC
  • Tamieka McGibbon ~ Treasurer, FL
  • Kenesha Bentley ~ Secretary, NC
  • Kimberly Hastings ~ Public Relations, TX



One raffle that ended October 1, 2009, with an $800 profit

Aid to one child from Martin Primary, St. Mary , Jamaica with school for the entire year


Contact/ Donations

[email protected]

PO Box 4713
Greenwich , CT