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On this day in Jamaican history: Michael and Beverly Manley


Michael and Beverly Manley Wedding – Image courtesy Ian Randle Publishers from the “Manley Memoirs

On June 11, 1972 the Hon. Michael Manley became Jamaica’s second Prime Minister in office to get married when he married 27- year-old radio and television personality Miss Beverly Anderson. Michael Manley was married five times throughout his life. In 1946 he married Jacqueline Kamellard but the marriage was dissolved in 1951. Manley then married Thelma Verity in 1955; in 1960 this marriage was also dissolved. In 1966 Manley married Barbara Lewars (died in 1968); in 1972 he married Beverley Anderson but the marriage was dissolved in 1990. Manley had five children from his five marriages: Rachel Manley, Joseph Manley, Sarah Manley, Natasha Manley and David Manley Michael Manley’s final marriage was to Glynne Ewart in 1992.

Beverly Manley wrote The Manley Memoirs in June 2008.

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