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One week in Jamaica

I visited Jamaica a year ago last Spring with 12 other college students from Seattle Washington, U.S.A. Through a good friend in Mandeville, we got hooked up with some wonderful people in Claremont Jamaica. We, along with some members of a church there, helped do some beginning construction work on a school there. We were greeted with warm and loving hearts from the people, and started off our trip with excitement for what was to come.

Throughout our stay, the hospitality and generosity overwhelmed us, and was truly appreciated. We got to know members of the church, the town and the children. Oh, the children…they melted our hearts, made us laugh, and captured our souls. They taught us how to play cricket and to do “side-flicks”, while teaching us pure joy for life. As each day went by welearned more about Jamaica, loving it more and more.

We visited Ocho Rios for a day along with Montego Bay. We swam in the beautiful ocean and walked the falls, and marveled at natures design.

As each day went by, our task of construction seemed minor compared to the interactions we had with our new friends we made in Claremont. We talked and laughed as we shared our lives with each other.

And the food! We had the most wonderful food! Like nothing I have ever had before. The fresh fruit, bread, rice and meat! Nothing compares to it.

Jamaica left a mark on my heart that week. I have a hard time truely writing what I experienced there. All I know is, I learned alot about other people, as well as myself. The Jamaicans taught me about acceptance, joy, humility, peace and life. I learned about working together as one, giving from your soul and praising God.

God has truly blessed this island in the sun, and has shown his face there.

Thanks for letting me share my story.


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