Onscreen Discussion of ‘Migration’ Movie Turns into Jamaica Love Fest

While discussing the film “Migration” on a segment of the Today Show, the program’s hosts and their guest, travel expert Mark Owen, shifted the conversation to enthusiastically praise Jamaica as a preferred destination in the Caribbean.

Onscreen Discussion of 'Migration' Movie Turns into Jamaica Love Fest

Highlighting the Features of Jamaica’s South Coast


The Today Show panel gushed about how much they love Jamaica, with special mention given to Floyd’s Pelican Bar and Jake’s Treasure Beach Hotel. Owen particularly highlighted the features of Jamaica’s south coast, which he described as relatively unspoiled in comparison to some of the more visited areas of the island. While the south coast may not be the first choice for island tourists because of its relative isolation, it features an unspoiled natural environment marked by crisp, clean air, a laid-back charm, and a welcoming local environment. It is also home to attractions that best represent the island’s vibe.

Jamaica’s South Coast Attractions

In addition to its natural setting, abundant wildlife, lush tropical plants, and exceptional beaches, the south coast is home to the Appleton Rum Estate, which features excellent tours of the manufacturing process and boasts the world’s first woman to become a master blender in the spirits industry, Joy Spence. Its attractions include Black River, where visitors can view crocodiles in their natural habitat; Bluefields Beach with its iridescent turquoise waters; as well as the Little Ochi Restaurant and bar, famous for its fresh-caught seafood.


The ”Migration” Movie

The animated “Migration” adventure comedy from Universal Pictures is based on a story by its director Benjamin Rener and writer Mike White in which a family of mallard ducks attempts to convince its overly protective father to take the vacation of a lifetime and migrate from New England through New York City to Jamaica. The mother duck persuades the father to take the trip after a migrating duck visits their home pond and tells exciting tales of exotic places. As the Mallard family travels south for the winter, their plans must change, and their adventures ultimately inspire them to open up to new friends and experiences. The film debuted at the VIEW Conference in Turin, Italy, in October 2023, and is set for release in theaters in the United States on December 22, 2023.