Jamaican Women of Florida Elects Aisha Rainford as New President

The Jamaican Women of Florida (JWOF), an organization dedicated to the support of Jamaican women and girls in Jamaica and Florida, have elected a new president, Aisha Rainford. Rainford is Vice President of the Global Privacy Program at American Express and has long been a strong advocate for the empowerment of women. Her election to head the JWOF marks another milestone on its journey toward female empowerment and community service. Rainford was elected at the JWOF Annual General Meeting in February, in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Rainford’s track record

Aisha Rainford brings her considerable experience in community engagement, philanthropy, and corporate leadership to her new role as JWOF president. In addition to her work in the Global Privacy Program at American Express, she supports empowering initiatives including the Aisha King-Rainford Scholarship at the University of the West Indies. The one-year scholarship is available to Jamaican nationals between the ages of 17 and 22 who attended Immaculate Conception High School and are registered in any undergraduate program in the university’s faculties of social sciences, humanities and education, or science and technology. The award is based on academic achievement and verifiable financial need. As the women’s organization leader, Rainford is likely to move the group to new efforts in community service, education, and empowerment.

A new era

With her presidency, Rainford represents a new era for the JWOF that centers on using education and empowerment to create lasting changes in the community. Rainford’s approach comprises a combination of strategic leadership and a fundamental knowledge of the challenges Jamaican women face. As the organization enters its new chapter, the combination of the new president’s vision and the dedication of its board will make the impact of each stronger and benefit Jamaican women and girls in the process. Rainford’s focus on education, empowerment, and community service will contribute to a redefinition of what is possible for Jamaican women in and beyond Florida and will help the organization to create a society that is more inclusive and supportive of women and girls.

Induction ceremony

The new JWOF board under the leadership of Aisha Rainford was inducted at the organization’s yearly Women’s Empowerment Conference and Scholarship Luncheon in March 2024. The board’s members include Michelle Williamson as Vice President and Natasha Wright as NextGen Director. Other members of the diverse board will work closely with Rainford to further the JWOF’s goals of creating a supportive environment for Jamaican women and girls.

The Jamaican Women of Florida

The nonprofit Jamaican Women of Florida (JWOF), Inc., was founded in October 2012 and is designed to provide a way for Jamaican women in Florida to become empowered through networking, mentoring, and personal development. Its goal is to encourage Jamaican women in the state to help the next generation of young women work effectively on the global stage through the development of leadership and personal skills. It also partners with local nonprofit entities to help young children, provide scholarships for Jamaican/American women in college, inspire women’s personal development, and mentor the next generations of powerful women in Florida and Jamaica.

Photo – Jamaican Women of Florida