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Open letter to Freddie McGregor

On Friday 7/11/2008, I was undoubtedly happy to watch the great Freddie McGregor perform at Mangoville in New York City. It was musical acme for me. His performance was one of distinctive and superior quality. Watching the show from close proximity, I was able to see his demeanor as he performed. He was very engaging with his audience and gave wholly and totally of himself, musically. I watched in oblivion as he performed hits after hits and I could not help but notice how clean and his lyrics were. His music was positive and conscious, and I realized that it was for music like this why I have been such a fan of his for years. At the end of his show, he was dripping wet with perspiration after a long and hard performance. 

Needless to say, I was the first person in line waiting to congratulate him on his ability to keep his lyrics so clean and positive over the years. I was happy to purchase his compact disc and I was even happier to receive his picture with his autograph, which I must say is now proudly hanging in my house. Freddie is truly a class act. 

It would be great if some of our younger artists that are advocates for guns and gun violence take a leaf out of the books of some of our positive singers like Freddie McGregor, Berres Hammond, Luciana, and so forth. Positive lyrics will always promote or produce positive vibes and I just want to say thanks to Freddie and our entire conscious artist for keeping the music positive. I believe that if you continue to produce music like you do, we will be able to keep reggae music on the radar and preserve, sustain and maintain the high standard that was set by our early musical fathers and mothers.

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Sherry Southe