Our Top 10 Picks of Miss Jamaican World

This week Danielle Crosskill was crowned Miss Jamaica World 2011. Here are our picks for Miss Jamaica World since 1976. These pick are not based only on beauty but popularity amongst the Jamaican people and contributions back to the Jamaican society. Be sure to add your favorites to this list. During the year leading up to Jamaica’s 50th Independence on August 6, 2012, each week we’ll be compiling a list of things celebrating Jamaican foods, music, culture, people and more.

Here are our 10 picks of Miss Jamaica World (not in any order):

  1. Miss Jamaica 1983  Cathy Levy (Miss World  4th place)
  2. Miss Jamaica 1985 Allison Barnett (Miss World  5th place)
  3. Miss Jamaica 1993 Lisa Hanna (Misss World winner)
  4. Miss Jamaica 2007 Yendi Phillips  (Miss World Semi-finalist)
  5. Miss Jamaica 1991 Sandra Foster (Miss World 4th place)
  6. Miss Jamaica 1987 Janice Wittingham
  7. Miss Jamaica 2004 Tonoya Toyloy
  8. Miss Jamaica 2005  Terri-Karelle Griffith (Miss World Semi-finalist)
  9. Miss Jamaica 1976 Cindy Breakspeare (Miss World winner)
  10. Miss Jamaica 1981 Sandra Cunningham (Miss World 2nd runner-up)

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