Jamaican Culture – An Overview

Culture is the way of life of a people and includes, customs, practices, beliefs, superstitions and food. All this lead people to act, think and behave differently from other people in other cultures. The Jamaican culture is a great example. These customs lead people to act, think and behave differently and make them distinctive.

The Jamaicans culture is expressed through local stories, songs, dances, the use herbs and bush medicine, local beliefs, the preparation of indigenous food s and through religious practices.

Jamaicans perform folk songs and dance mainly during festivals and independence celebrations. During celebrations it is customary to wear their nation costumes, which is called the Bandana.

Jamaica’s folk culture began mainly in the rural and mountainous villages. The main contributors to Jamaican culture are the groups of people who made Jamaica their home. These are the African, the English, The Spaniards, and the Indians.