Welcome to Jamaica the third largest island of the Caribben and the birthplace of Bob Marley and James Bond. A place that is both unique and familiar with beaches that strecth “clear blue” forever. And the seemingly endless hours of warm Caribbean sunshine. A trip to Jamaica may include river rafting, waterfall climbing, horseback riding, beachcombing, ballooning, diving, mountain biking, snorkeling or just relaxing in a swaying hammock watching the sunet.

Though the majority of the population is from African decent, there are people from Eurpean, Arabic, Chinese and East Indian ancestry as well. The Jamaica people are multiracial blend.

Once a Spanish colony, Jamaica came under the British rule in 1655 until 1962 when the county became and independent nation.

Larger and more varied than most visitors expect, Jamaica can’t be explored in a few days. Its diverse physical beauty makes it an island that appeals to visitors worldwide. From the high peaks of the Blue Mountan, the dramatic water falls, white sanded beaches Jamaica is waiting to be discovered by you. There is no place on Earth like Jamaica.