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Paradise, aka Jamaica…

We returned home from our stay in Negril with only 2 SHORT weeks remaining to prepare for Christmas. Because of this, there has been no time to sit and type out a ‘report’ of our trip.

With the holidays now behind us, here goes.

My husband and I arrived in Mo-bay to find Solomon “Sala” Kerr right where he said he would be, waiting beyond customs, behind the glass. If you want a safe driver… SOLOMON is your man!

The road trip from Mo-bay was an adventure!

The HUGE potholes in the pavement, the construction, pedestrians and other very aggressive drivers did not faze Solomon.

I never once felt uneasy about our safety. I was VERY glad Solomon was driving and NOT me!

He was obviously a careful, and experienced driver. Thank You Solomon, for always looking out for our safety.

We stayed at Secrets, which is situated in the center of the Firefly hotel on the beach in Negril.

Right next door we found a boat driver, Patrick. Patrick worked for Captain Kirk.

If you want an OUTSTANDING boat driver and snorkel guide, he is the one.

He swims like a fish and knows the sea and it’s inhabitants very well.

During our 14 days in Negril, we spent a couple of them touring the countryside with our friend and driver, Solomon. He always looked out for our best interest. When we were faced with situations that we didn’t understand, he was quick to help us. Solomon took us to YS Falls, Bamboo Alley, Black River, and Sav La Mar.

We spent some very special time in Little London with friends of Solomon, learning more about life in Jamaica.

We left there with a great admiration for the Jamaican people.
They are warm, generous, hard working people. A people of peace.

They don’t even eat lamb! (Because lambs cry!) That’s a people of peace!

We look forward to next year when we will travel once again to paradise, a.k.a. Jamaica!

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