Speak JA


Do all your Jamaican friends laugh at you every time you open your mouth and try to speak Jamaican? Jamaicanize your vocabulary here with our words that start with L.
If you don’t see a term, tell us and we’ll put it up.

labrish: idle chat
labba labba: gossip
labba mout: a lose mouth person
latta: later
lawd: lord
lef: left
leggo: let go, out of control
len: lend
letoff: hand out, give
liad: liar
lick: hit
licky licky: fawning
likky likky: a greedy person who never passes on food
likker: liquor
likkle: little
likkle mo: see you later
link up: hook up
link mi: hook me up, call me
lyad: a liar

About the author

Dulcimer "Peaches" Robothom