Peter Tosh Family Launches Cannabis Brand

The family of reggae legend Peter Tosh used the day usually set aside for celebrating marijuana culture by announcing the availability of a Peter Tosh brand of cannabis. On April 20, 2016, the formation of the Peter Tosh Company was announced. The mission of the company is to further the Peter Tosh legacy by providing quality cannabis products designed to enhance medicinal healing, spiritual enlightenment, and recreational enjoyment. The Peter Tosh family, together with Brian Latture, a veteran of the music and entertainment industry, and Steven Trenk of Lizada Capital, are responsible for the product launch. According to Latture, the manager of the Peter Tosh brand and CEO of PT Capital, LLC, the new company, noted there are few names more linked with the cannabis industry than Peter Tosh’s. He said he was “thrilled” to partner with the family of “the Godfather” of the legalization movement in spreading the message