Rasta Meet Foreign

White teeth glint
against mahogany skin
lips stained by sugar cane juice
brown dregs tinted clay
by the hot Jamaican sun
barefoot on the soft sand
soles callused by the dirt roads,
Dreadlocks bounce in cadence
slapping his back
as the placid sea breeze
rubs the giant palm leaves

White sun deprived bodies
lie in the sand
Skin vacuum rays
as opened pores
drain sweat like a leaky faucet

One lobster skinned woman from foreign
sits on a bench under a palm tree –
a never seen so many black people person

One hand holds her face in a bag
the other fumbles with a coconut
Brown rastaman speak to foreign
"You wan rub up!"
his words ooze like coconut oil
coating her lips
tickling her ear
rubbing her back

WWWWWWWW h a t oozes out of the red lady
her face blushes shock
flustered by the yardy with the honey suckle tongue

Pack pack people people
Cooly standing
by de airplane track
jitney-bus a Ochy
right ‘ere
to take you back

Rastaman a stand
with rastaman dred
and rastaman hat
sitting cooly
on his head
wid a towel on is back

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