Prince Buster – 1 Minute Jamaican Music Biography


Prince Buster was a sound man., a producer, a writer, a singer, a comedian, a force to be reckonned with virtually from the outset. He and Derrick Morgan ran a musical ‘feud’ that had almost the entire country buzzing and laughing. He challenged Duke Reid and Clement Dodd ‘up close and personal’ both with his outstanding sound system [Voice of the People] and with his recordings. And while all of this was going on he entrenched himself in the minds of Jamaicans as an entertainment icon. In many ways he really was the voice of the people…at least until the late 60s. Perhaps it was his belief in Islam that prompted him to stear clear of the Rastafari movement. By the time the 70s had rolled in…Buster was no longer in tune with the pulse and beat of the record buying public.
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