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“While the global economic recovery may in fact be slow and unpredictable, we must not lose faith in ourselves, in our product, in our countries and in our region. We must maintain our confidence in the value that the Caribbean brings to the world of travel and tourism. We must not sell ourselves short. The Caribbean is still the best tourism region is the world.” – Senator the Hon. Richard “Ricky” Skerritt, Minister of Tourism, St. Kitts and Nevis; Chairman, Caribbean Tourism Organization (CMC)

“When I go to Barbados’ east coast which is the most powerful part of the island for me, I look out to the sea and I feel as if there is nothing that separates me from Africa. I feel as if I could commune with that continent even though I am not physically there. I also feel like what we have in Barbados and the Caribbean is a connection to Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America because those are all a part of what makes us and we can take from them. We own those things. Lots have been taken from us, but I feel that now is the time we can take from all the different things that led into our tradition and heritage.” – Cameron Bailey, Co-Director, Toronto International Film Festival (Share)

“We have found that Diaspora Tourism is a significant component of Caribbean tourism, and it is not a monolithic construct. These are not just leisure tourists, but people who come for educational and medical reasons, for festivals and other cultural events. We have also found there is an intersection between Diasporic Tourism and the telecommunications, airline, shipping and media industries.” – Dr. Keith Nurse, Director, Shridath Ramphal Centre for International Trade Law, Policy and Services at the University of the West Indies

“The Caribbean is tremendously important to Virgin Atlantic. We are proud of the business and revenue that is brought to the Caribbean through our presence and we are committed to extending that.” – Edmund Rose, Director, Commercial and Revenue Planning, Virgin Atlantic (Travel Weekly – UK)

“JAPEX 2011 (Jamaica Product Exchange) will be a clear demonstration of the lucrative linkages existing between the international tourism markets, local tourism entities and other local industries.” – Evelyn Smith, President, Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (Jamaica Observer)

“It is true that we have at least a billion people who are starving from abject poverty. They go to bed hungry every night. That’s very sad. But ironically we have enough food all around the world. The question and problem is that they do not distribute it fairly, that’s a social injustice, and that we have to address and stop.” – UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (UN News Centre)

“I give $1,000 to the TANA foundation that educates dropouts in hospitality and another $1,000 to the Brokopondo Vocational Training Center, to assist the important work they do with young people in this community … the remaining $3,000 I give to my wife. She needs some new shoes.” – Chef Marcel Wittenberg, Baka Foto restaurant, Suriname; and winner of the Amazon Flavors Culinary Competition (

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