Chef Rameish Desouza – 10 Truths You Should Know About Him


In the internet streets, there’s one language Chef Rameish Desouza speaks fluently – food. We recently chatted with the young chef who publishes mesmerizing food vlogs on his social media pages. His cooking videos will certainly reintroduce you to the unique flavours and beauty of authentic Jamaican ingredients.

Chef Rameish, raised in the parish of St. Catherine, looks to be stiff competition for his culinary elders as he elevates traditional Jamaican ingredients into exquisite, five-star dishes and snacks–

Talk about a cup of ackee ice cream…Yes, it sounds weird but based on his growing following and his soon-to-be-opened restaurant, his culinary creations are all hits!

Now let’s meet Chef Rameish.

1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like washing the dishes?

7 out of 10. I love it when my kitchen is clean.

2. Spoken like a true Jamaican! Speaking of dishes, what’s your favourite Jamaican dish?

I have no favorite dish in particular, but I do love anything with my favorite fruit, ackee…such as ackee and salt fish, ackee and chicken, ackee and veggie chunks. I also fell in love with one of my recipes ackee and sea conch.

3. Wow! That’s a must-try. When you’re not experimenting in the kitchen, what keeps Rameish entertained?

Watching Netflix and editing videos,

Chef Rameish enjoys a light moment on his birthday

Chef Rameish enjoys a light moment on his birthday

4. And we hope to see you on Netflix soon. As we talk about entertainment. You’ve become a popular Jamaican content creator. Beyond your content online, which other Jamaican personalities online do you like to watch?

I like to watch Jamaican skit comedy

5. Oh I see what you did there. Playing it safe, no name-calling. Alright, still on entertainment. Which Jamaican songs are you streaming now?

None currently; I’m more listening to afro beat music right now.

6. I like afro beat too. Finish this line. My favourite Jamaican movie is…

Probably Shattazz

7. Good choice! So many women have gravitated to your content, have you spotted a few admirers online or offline?

I always see my female admirers in my dm, mostly saying I should come cook for them. I also always come across females in person who ask for pictures or who tell me they are big fans.

8. There’s been talk by other ‘influencers’ that social media influence does not give you superstar status in Jamaica, do you believe you’re a local celebrity?

I 100% believe I’m a celebrity! Local and abroad. I believe a celebrity is not self-proclaimed but is someone who is well-known in the country and across the world

Chef Rameish, young Jamaican culinary genius

Chef Rameish, young Jamaican culinary genius

9. So let’s get it right, Celebrity Chef Rameish! If you had the power to change a law in Jamaica, which law would you change?

The Firearm Act of Jamaica have a big limitation on recipients that requires them to have 3 years’ experience of holding a firearm. The thing is someone might need the firearm to protect their business, family or whatever it might be at the moment and would have things at risk without protection during these 3 years, so I would reduce the experience to at least 6 months if I have the power.

10. Fair point. Congrats on the restaurant, any 2023 bucket list goals you hope to achieve?

Yes, I want to open 2 more restaurants as well as to have a wider audience, 1 million followers on Instagram and 100k Subscribers on Youtube especially.

We can’t wait to try a menu item at your restaurant Chef Rameish. We’re incredibly proud of your journey. Thank you so much for sharing a piece of you with us that we don’t readily see online.

Rameish Desouza

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