Ras Haile Malekot Musical Offering Takes Inspiration from “HAIL H.I.M”

Musical artisan would be more befitting title to describe Ras Haile Malekot. An humble rhapsodist armed with profound music and prolific lyrics, Ras Haile Malekot possesses a distinctively voice at the forefront of the reggae, roots and culture movement. His socially-conscious messages and poetic story telling abilities embody the true testament of musical enlightenment.

Produced by Conquering Lion Records, Ras Haile Malekot’s latest musical offering was inspirited by H.I.M Hailse Selassie, hence the title “HAIL H.I.M” and is available for pre-order on iTunes.

“The single Hail H.I.M came about as an inspiration from H.I.M Haile Selassie I, the music itself and how it speaks with it’s different melody which brings about a certain fullness. Being a son of His Majesty meditating upon the King naturally through the musical inclination, the musical overtones, we get the message as it comes and we present it to the I as the I is so High, higher than I an I as King of Kings and Lord of Lords His Majesty Rules over All.” – Ras Malekot

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