5 Reasons Jamaicans Living Overseas Should Travel In Jamaican Colors To Other Countries

5 Reasons Jamaicans Living Overseas Should Travel In Jamaican Colors

We may be a tiny island of barely three million people but there’s no denying that the colors of the Jamaican flag are among the most recognizable on the planet. Thanks to our history of migration, Jamaicans living in every corner of the globe are certainly shy to model the black, green and gold with pride. Not that any Jamaican needs reasons to show off their national pride, but here’s why those living in the diaspora should travel in the Jamaican colors.

Reason 1 – Thanks to the talents of legends like Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, the Jamaican colors are very easily recognizable. Our flag is unique in that it does not have the red, white or blue, which makes the Jamaican colors really distinctive and easy to identify.

Reason 2 – Stepping out in the black, green and gold is a great conversation starter. From the moment they spot our colors, people can’t help but strike up a friendly chat with the Jamaican in town in an effort to feed their curiosity about our vibrant culture.

Reason 3 – One of the advantages of wearing the Jamaican colors while traveling abroad is that it could get you the VIP treatment. Many Jamaicans find themselves the recipients of free gifts and invitations to chill with random strangers perhaps hoping that we will dish the secrets of our dominance on the track.

Reason 4 – Wearing the black, green and gold is one way that Jamaicans in the diaspora can stay in touch with their roots. We are a proud, patriotic people and living in another country does not in any way diminish our loyalty and dedication to Jamaica and we want the world to know it.

Reason 5 – With all the instability in the world, Jamaica is simply the place everyone escapes to when they want to get away from it all. No one has “beef” with Jamaica, so when you’re in your Jamaican colors you automatically avoid awkward political discussions and the sentiments that come with them.

Indeed there are a lot of perks to be had by wearing the black, green and gold in a foreign land. Jamaicans living overseas feel a special connection to their homeland and wearing the national colors is one way to cement their Jamaican identity.

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