Interview With Lewis K. Hanna, Co-Producer, of the Jamaican Movie The Rebel

This month we interview Lewis K. Hanna the co-producer, of the Jamaican movie the Rebel that is currently production. This month we interview Lewis K. Hanna the co-producer, of a the Jamaican movie the Rebel that is currently production. Lewis and his team hope to produce more films showing the many sides of Jamaica.

Tell us about the movie project ‘Rebel’?
It is a story about a young Jamaican/American (Junior) who returns home for his father’s funeral. He learns his father was assassinated by a rival political leader. Seems the political leader who is responsible for the father’s death is trying to pass legislation to legalize ganja and Junior’s father is against this because it will only hurt the small man making a living off ganja. The plot thickens when the rival political leader wants to kill off all of Junior’s family.

What inspired the movie?
Our interest in creating more films based on Jamaica.

Do you think ganja should be legalized?
This is a deep question. Too deep for our film to answer, but at least we can create a discussion on the subject.

One could argue that 90% of the recent movies coming out of Jamaica seem to focus on sex, drugs and violence. Is this the only thing that will sell?
I don’t think so. However, it does make a film sell. Unfortunately, marketability is a primary question when trying to obtain funding for a film project. We do have intentions, once our production company is at full speed, to create more films that focus on real life JA. This includes documentaries.

Do you have any other projects on Jamaica coming?
Absolutely! We think JA has alot to offer and hope to expose the wonderful life stories that can only come from such a diverse culture. For example, not too many (non Jamaicans) people truly understand that Jamaica has such a vast culture and people. We are African, Chinese, Jew, Indian, Arab and white, we are rich, poor, ganja smoker and non-ganja smoker, well educated and not.

What is your favorite Jamaican movie?
The Harder They Come. Maybe because I consider it the ORIGINAL!

What is the expected the release date of the movie?
Summer 2007, God willing.

Will the entire movie be filmed in Jamaica?
No. We develop Junior’s life story as a successful JaMerican in New York.

How many local Jamaicans will be hired on the project?
As many as we can find.

What locations in Jamaica will you focus on?
All over but primarily Kingston.

Are you Jamaican? Where in Jamaica are you from?
Yes. I was born in Ochie and lived in Mo Bay as a kid. But I “grew up” in Kingston…I went to JC until 3rd form and then moved to US.

What is your role on this film?
I am the co-producer and this is a joint venture with a Puerto Rican-American who loves JA and JA life. He wrote the story and introduced it to me and I loved it.

Do you have any final thoughts for the readers?
Yes, as a Jamaican, I want your readers to know we are very serious about producing more projects that can bring a greater understanding to the world about our little country that has such a BIG and impressionable culture which is far and beyond just ganja and reggae. Although this film may seem to be only about that, we are just getting started and there will be great things to come that will make all JA proud.

About the Movie – Rebel
A young man returns home to Jamaica for his father’s funeral only to find out that a rival politician is responsible for his fathers death because of the recent legalization of marijuana on the island. Website: [email protected]

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