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Red Fox Live at Dunns River

Dunns River was the place to be on Friday night, as not only did the water flow… as in liquor, but the animal magnetism was let loose as the Fox…that is Mr. Red Fox pounced upon the audience with his catalogue of hits.
Patrons traveled to Dunns River Lounge in Long Island, where they  were ready to Come Boogie Down as Red Fox gave an explosive performance.  Lyrically  and physically fit, he engaged his audience with hits such as Jamaica Nice, Bounce, Love Mi Jamaica,  Skylarking and Pose Off, an ode to the female garment Pumpum shorts.
The audience was surprised when Red Fox brought on stage Ruff Entry member Screechy Dan,  and together they performed hits on top of hits. As females flocked the stage, hands stretched out,  wanting to be touched by more than their words. The veteran performers displayed their writing prowess,  highlighting their conscious lyrics by performing some songs acappella.
As a Matter of Fox, he’s still relevant and has an arsenal of razor sharp lyrics.
Article and Photographs by Ustinov Luke

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