Redemption Songs by Jamaican author Lynda Edwards, leaps off the pages, taking sudden twists & turns, as it races toward an unsuspecting and dramatic end

Redemption Songs - Lynda R Edwards

Lynda Edwards was born in Jamaica, coming of age during a turbulent time in the island’s history. Like most Caribbean people, she is a born storyteller inspired by the unconventional family she comes from, the incongruity of her upbringing, and the island itself.

After the death of her American husband, Josephine Myers Blakely has moved back to Jamaica, the land of her birth.  Married at nineteen and widowed at forty, Jo is adrift in a sea of grief and loss. A chance meeting with a shadowy family member sets her on a path to help her family atone for generations of sin…or perish with them in the fire of their own destruction. She must find the strength to walk between two worlds, reconciling them, not only for her family’s survival but for hers as well.

Redemption Songs by Jamaican Author Lynda R Edwards

Redemption Songs is a complex and compelling distillation of imagination and experience, merged with the author’s love of her birthplace.  As entertaining as this book is to read, it is a modern-day tome with a deeper message of love, loss and redemption that makes it a worthy read.

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About the Author
Lynda now lives in Orlando with her husband of twenty-four years…who says she is still his most expensive souvenir. Redemption Songs was born from a nightmare. After waking her husband and describing the terrifying dream to him, he advised her to write it down, then rolled over and went back to sleep.  His advice resulted in her first fictional novel and him getting some well-deserved rest.

About the author

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