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Reggae Interview Series: Reggae Music In Germany

Ras T is the owner of a reggae music recording label, a publisher and an artist in Berline Gemany. Below is a recent interview we conducted with Ras T..

Question: What is the reggae scene like there?

Answer:The past 5 years have seen a massive development in the reggae scene.Although the dancehall scene has boomed the cultural education is suffering.


Question: How about the ska scene?

Answer:The ska scene has made small but note worthy progressions.In Germany ska and reggae have very little in common Reggae fans do not listen to ska and ska fans prefer listening to rock music

instead of reggae


Question: What first drew your attention to Reggae?

Answer:Im born in Zimbabwe so naturaly Bob Marley. Misty in Roots inspired me to be a part in the reggae movement


Question: What was the first Reggae song you ever heard?

Answer: Jimmy Cliff – I can see clearly now


Question: Who and what are your influences?

Answer:Misty in Roots 3 month visit to Zimbabwe in 1980 inspired me to take part in the movement


Question: What style of reggae is played often in your country?

[Dancehall, Lovers Rock, Conscious etc.] What style do the majority of fans seem to prefer?

Answer:at the moment Germany is going through a roots recall phase.We have just gone past the hardcore ragga stage


Question: Was the fact that Reggae is English and Patois a barrier?

Answer:yes Most fans still dont understand the lyrics of their thier favorate tune’s


Question: Is Reggae mainstream and is it played on the radio there? Videos on TV?

Answer:Not yet mainstream.although a few artists have got some airplay


Question: How is Reggae influencing your culture?

Answer:I call it culture shock.


Question: If someone traveled to visit your home and wanted to hear reggae


what would they have to do?

Answer:check the web to find out where its happening


Question: How would you describe your country’s reggae sound and


Answer:With the exception of some artists and sounds.i would call it the

perfect copy or fake of stuff thats been done already.


Question: What are some of the names of the popular local artist? Who

would be the

top 5 artists?

Answer:Gentleman,Patrice,Zuluman,Nosliv;Don Abi


Question: How did you get interested in Reggae?



Question: Who is your favorite Reggae Artist?

Answer:Anthony B


Question: Where do you think Reggae will be in 10 years time? And in Your


Answer:I think will grow for the next few as most of the fans are under 20

years old .


Question: Do you think there is anything preventing Reggae from

flourishing for you

and your fellow artists there?

One of the biggist setbacks for reggae in Germany is lack of cultural

education amonst most people who work with the music

Most of the succsessful people invest lots of time and money to hold back

new and upcomming projects.


Question: How are you involved in Reggae?

Answer:In 1981 I formed a cultural club this developed to a sound system

then a band.now ive just launched Lion Tribe Music label and publishment.


Question: In some countries you might see people wearing a Jamaican-style

hat with

fake dreadlocks attached when they attend reggae concerts and other

events. Do you

see anything that you see in your country?

Answer:Mainly on carnival and big reggae festivals.


Question: Have you ever been to Jamaica?



Question: Do you have many/any Jamaican people living there?

Answer:Not so many.


Question: Do you eat Jamaican food? Like what?

Anything ital.


Special thanks to Ras T. You can contact Ras T via email [email protected] or visit his site at http://www.newbeats.de

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