Memba some more – Remember This in Jamaica

When Air Jamaica had stewardess with looks and manners.

“Teenage Dance Party” on JBC radio.

“Music for a Sunday Afternoon” on JBC radio.

Grundig Telefunken radio/record player was the thing to boast about!

Children’s Own newspaper in Primary School.

Radcliffe Butler on RJR with ‘The Butler Did It’, ‘Midnight Mood’.

Dorothy La Croix (Dottie Dean).

Lannaman’s Lollipop Land for Children with Dorothy Hosang.

Half Pint, Pint Bottle – pronounced (Hep pint, pint bakkle) by the man on his donkey cart.

The Rasta man selling ‘cobweb’ brooms on Sundays with his “Brooman” shout.

Roy Reid – ‘Reid at Random’.

Reverend V. B.

‘Turn Table Time’ with E.T.

Bath Botanical Gardens in St. Thomas.


Gino’s Fast (Fart) Food.





Epiphany, when it was run by Evon Williams.

Tuck Shops!

Jamaica Omnibus Service.

Bruce’s patties.

Palisadoes airport.

When you could actually swim at Gunboat beach.

When Havendale was the place to live.

When JBC Radio 2 played commercial free music.

Wayne Chin – “Win Chin say man who ride and dilly dally, end up on hospital trolly”.

When you could walk yards out into the crystal clear waters at Hellshire.

Boulevard Drive Inn (now JPS).

Burgerman on Trafalgar Road (I believe it is now called Veranda).

Brooks Shoppers Fair on Washington Boulevard.

Ford Anglia motorcars.

Morris Minors with the indicators that flipped out.

Aerated water (Soda Pop).

Nu Grape.

Times Stores.

When you parents give you one shilling and sixpence for lunch money and you can buy Asham and a sixpence patty and a D&G Cola Champaign soda and still have change left over!!

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