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TOOLS of the TRADE can be imported Duty Free if they qualify as stated above. If you qualify as a Returning Resident, Personal and Household Effects in the indicated quantities are exempt and considered “Duty Free” as follows: QUANTITY DESCRIPTION
6 Bedside Tables
Lamps for Bedside Tables

Verandah Chairs
Bedroom Chairs

Wall Paintings
Lamps for Dressers
Clothes Hampers

Clothes Iron, Bathroom Scales, Fans (Ceiling or Standing),
Chandeliers, Shelf Units (Bathroom), Wall Clocks, End Tables, Canister Sets, Portable Radios/Tape Recorders, Television Sets, Video Recorders, Kitchen Stools and Wardrobes.

Component Set (including CD Player), Ornamental
Telephone, Telephone Answering Machine, Video Camera/Camcorder, Microwave Oven, Stove (Gas or Electric), Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Dryer, Kitchen Table, Deep Freezer, Water Heater, A/C Unit, Living Room Set, Coffee Table, Couch, Curio/Display Cabinet, Whatnot, Breakfront, Sofa Bed, Piano/Organ, Dining Room Set (Table and Chairs), Side Board, Liquor Trolley, Patio Set, Lounge Chair, Nest of Tables, Desk, Chair, Book Case, Typewriter and Stand, Filing Cabinet, Safe, Personal Computer and Computer Stand, Printer and Printer Stand, Recliner, Step-on Stand, Sewing Machine, Serger, Ironing Board, Lawn Mower (not ride able), Generator, Floor Polisher, Vacuum Cleaner, Mirror, Barbecue Grill, Water Pump, Ladder, Hot Plate, Baby Crib, Play Pen, High Chair, Rocking Chair, Bicycle, Fish Tank, Toaster, Hair Dryer, Blow Dryer, Pressure Cooker, Blender, Food Processor, Coffee Maker, Percolator, Electric Can Opener, Can Cutter (non-electric), Kitchen Scale, Electric Juicer, Electric Knife, Electric Kitchen Saw and other small electrical appliances for domestic use.

– One (1) King-size Bed, one (1) Queen-size Bed and two (2) Double Beds
-four (4) Single Beds
-three (3) Double Beds
A Reasonable
Quantity of
Carpets and Carpet Underlayer, Drapes, Blinds, Cutlery, Chinaware
Crystal, Household Linen, Pots and Pans, Home Exercise Equipment, Garden Tools, Musical Instruments and Household Repair Tools.



A Reasonable
Quantity of
Used Household Effects
A Reasonable
Quantity of
Musical Instruments
1 Television Set, Video Recorder, Component Set (may include
CD player), Personal Computer, Personal Computer Stand, Printer, Printer Stand.

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