Rewind To Rocksteady Highlights – New York

Thanksgiving weekend in New York City was highlighted with the event that reggae fans were waiting to attend. Thanks to Irish and Chin, promoters of Rewind to Rocksteady, fans had the opportunity to dance off all that thanksgiving meal, and gyrate to the musical sounds of two icons in the business. Backed by Code Red Band, the number one band out of South Florida, the two legends Marcia Griffiths and Freddie McGreggor did not dissapoint their many fans, who came out in full force to represent and groove to the tintillating sounds of sweet reggae music. The pulsating tunes from the era of Rock Steady came alive on a very brisk and cold night at the Resorts World Casino. The frigid temperatures did not keep the loyal fans away from groovin’ to the warm and melodious sounds of three iconic personalities. The night came alive with the legendary  David Rodigan, commanding the stage with his upbeat and electrifying moves, captivated through the jugglin’ of the sweet sounds of reggae music from the 60’s. No one could have repersented the music of that era, better than the one, the only Rodigan. Fans could not get enough of this man who is literally a walking encyclopedia for every single that he selects. Before selecting a tune, he made the evening more special by skillfully giving a synopsis of the song, which eventually had the fans on their feet dancing and singing their heart’s out. The Casino was filled with yardies, Trinies, Bajan, … you name it, but the English massive was out in full force, waving their flags and giving their support to one of their  countrymen who has become an adopted son to all reggae music fans. “I shall sing, as long as I live”, and sing she did. Ms. Marcia Griffiths a legendary sister, by way of Jamaica, entertained the audience with her sweet voice….going back to the days of when she was a member of the I-trees. She paid homage to her Reggae sister Rita, with “I wanna get high, so high”. Many of you might recall that this song got alot of us in trouble with our parents…why would we want to get high? Well, we don’t have to worry about that anymore, because as the first note of that song came on, it was definitely a natural mystic in the place. The vibes was just cool and deadly, with the fans getting a natural high from jammin’ to the rhythms of this song. Of course, she could not do this show without singing her most famous song “The Electric Slide”. She kept the audience engaged as fans were asked to come on stage to showcase their talent of dancing to this song. It was an electric feeling as everyone boogie woogie, and went on the party ride. Marcia Griffiths captivated the hearts and souls of her many fans by soulfully doing a rendition of ” All my Live” with her son. They both made sweet music together and brought the house down with… Mr. Freddie McGregor stayed true to his roots, by giving a magnificent performance that had his many fans groovin’ and swayin’ with the captain of the Big ship. He entertained the crowd with his catalogue of hits which included , “Just don’t wanna be lonely”. He was definitely not lonely as he was in the company of his dedicated fans, being loved and cherished for his music which has enriched our bodies, mind, and spirit over the years. Freddie had di place on fire.. sweat running down his face , he paused to loosen up his shirt and tie, an mek di people know dat him cum fi tun up di place. He commandeered the stage with hits after hits, which the fans truly appreciated. The ladies could not get enough of this man who has somehow managed to put them under a trance, with his melodious voice, and uplifting music. They were up front under the video light, with outstretched arms, just wanting to touch the legend, the man, the singer who will always be a winner.