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Richie Loop’s ‘My Cupp’ overflow with vibes, skills

Everytime he sings “My Cupp”, you know it’s clean.

Like the energy god, ‘Elephant Man’ he admires, Richard Raquesh “Richie Loop” Webb is all that and more in creating an alarming buzz with his single My Cupp. He’s hot, full of talent and burning with a desire to do good for Jamaica musically, yet he remains an humble soul, even as he quickens the pulses of others. No worries, in true Jamaican style the five-plus-footer is full of creative energy and skilled, qualified to represent Jamaica in the arts and culture well.
He did well at the recent LIME roadshow of the Fashion Night Out (FNO) in Jamaica.

While still signed on with Big Yard as a producer, Richie managed to Loop top spots on at least three international music charts in recent months, creating yet another career path equal in success. A path he is not about to abandon any time soon, and just maybe he’ll be dancing again as he did as a child to win some more. He already has travelled “all over the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean” and now his paths wind towards US shores. He’s slated to perform in Boston NY, Miami and Orlando by year end.
In a recent interview, the cheery youth, born December 23, 1986 speaks on the recent hit, My Cupp, while outlining notes on his other four singles also being aired, with enthusiasm. Gal Whine, Party Like It’s Your Birthday, Party Time, CuppCupp are also popular.

My Cupp at the time of the interview, in early September, was at number one in St Lucia, Trinidad and Barbados. The song says Loop is all about keeping what’s in one’s cup personal, and to ensure one’s cup whether a granny cup, baby’s cup, party cup or otherwise remains their personal cup. “No one needs to know what’s in your cup, whether its water, Hennessy, milk or coffee – it’s just your business what you want to drink whenever you’re out”, says Loop who himself drinks moderately while out. He claims not to be a social drinker himself.

Inspiration for the song came as he watched Lil Wayne playing with his cup while being interviewed in the Big Yard studio. It’s really a mix of pop, R&B, hip hop and dancehall. There is no obligation to share with anyone else, and it’s a song for anyone and everyone, regardless of what’s being put, or kept in one’s cup, Loop said as he mused on the varied beverages hot or cold consumed across the world. He also adds though that one can read between the lines too.

He combines hip hop, dancehall, pop, and R&B to keep his crowd going, and cups raised.

Here are the lyrics:

“I got my swagg up high, gonna party till I touch tha sky,
So I, got the ‘ac on the Henny on the table, (table)
And am filling my cup from the table,
My drink kinda got me unstable, amma need a driver because am unable,
Thank God a left my keys wid Keeble, (Keeble)
Am feeling little bit feeble.

Wats in My Cupp
Stays in My Cupp
In My Cupp stays in My Cupp
My drink is.. In My Cupp,
In My Cupp.. Is in My Cup
Mycup…. Heeeey!
Mycup…. Heeeeey!
My Cuuppp ‘Hey’ … ‘Heey’
Wats in My Cupp …Stays in My Cupp

So put ur cupps to the ceiling if u feeling wat am feeling..
Inna di club Hey!
Inna the streets Hey!
Not inna u caaaarrrr!!!


Youth between 2-18 years of age are the ones mostly echoing about My Cupp, and the catchy line “What’s In My Cupp, Stays In My Cupp” has become a popular tagline for event promoters of dances and drink offs.
At the recent Grand Gala finale of Jamaica’s 2010 Independence Celebrations, hundreds of youthful Jamaicans after their own performances, in a flash returned to filling every available space onstage as the artiste emerged to perform. He loved every minute though and in the recent interview quickly responded “Wow! Ah di wickedest experience – mih love it”, when asked about the crowd’s reaction then.

It’s almost a one-one-one message, yet the interpersonal lyrics have proven to be a hit creating rippling effects when aired. With repeated bounces, each one passes on the tune “What’s In My Cupp” infectiously. Will it win at least one local award – perhaps the EMC as already it has claimed top spots on the Richie B charts at least 3 times since entry.

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