VIDEO: Richie Stephens & Lisa Hanna Take Issue with Rolling Stone’s View of “Work”

Jamaica’s Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna criticized Rolling Stone magazine on social media for not giving the dancehall music genre the credit it deserves. Stemming from an article that discussed Rihanna’s popular track “Work,” Hanna called on the magazine to “check your facts,” noting that the singer had sampled a 1998 classic Jamaican dancehall rhythm by Richie Stephens and Mikey 2000 called “Sail Away” in her recording. Richie Stephens, who is working to correct Rolling Stone’s mistake, said that there has been a campaign to rebrand dancehall culture. Discussing Rihanna’s single, Stephens said that the song comes from his rhythm and that any analysis of the track will show that dancehall is its template. He said that Rihanna had given him credit, which also shows that “Work” is dancehall. “Work” is currently ranked 7 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Stephens said he is happy that social media is around to give people a way to point out the problem to Rolling Stone. There were so many critical comments that the magazine was forced to issue an apology. Stephens believes that Jamaica has been ignored for years because it is a small country, but that now is time to start speaking up in defense of its unique cultures.