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Jamaica Travel Advice Q & A: I’m looking for advice on Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay or Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa

We asked our facebook fans to help answer a question submitted to us by email: I travel to Jamaica for 3 weeks in the summer and I’m looking for some advice on Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay or Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton Resort & Spa. Both hotels seem very nice and have great facilities. Does anyone have some experience or good advice for me on these hotels?

M. Hunter – Stay away from Hotel Riu. The absolute worst customer service. I started making a list when I first got there of the times of poor service and then I just stopped. The grounds are beautiful but the service is not.

O. Ashman
– yea..make sure u money tall

S.Davis – ‎@ M. Hunter, totally agree…awful place
S. Hingley – I’m sorry, but I disagree. I stayed at the Riu you mention and had a great time. Staff were brilliant, food was good with a good variety at all times and the grounds and rooms were very clean and well maintained. I would happily go again and recommend it to anyone
K. Hanson – I would always suggest staying at the smaller villa’s or guesthouses, they are far cheaper, and just as beautiful and the experience is way better, you will see the real jamaica and meet the most wonderful people and see things that tourists on the resorts dont get to see!! say NO to resorts!!! local communities do not benefit from the resorts, so I dont support them.
W. Williams – The best hotel is in st thomas bath mineral and spa we have the mineral water there

W. Lee – Sounds like they are looking for a Spanish holiday, not a Jamaican one.

N.Wimbush -  ‎@S. Hingley..No AUTHENTIC Jamaican food in those type of hotels and they persuade you to stay on the grounds,basically scare you into staying on the grounds and you never get to experience JAMAICA!…Smaller hotels/guesthouses are definitely the way to go!
A. Gaschott -  ‎@K. Hanson…you just said everything I was going to say! I would much rather support local small business!

K. Hanson -  yes thats the truth N.Wimbush!!..the first time I went to Ja, I stayed at a resort, and I was told NOT to leave the grounds because its not safe…well I dont like being told what to do, so I left by myself late at night and felt perfectly safe and met the most wonderful people and have since been back many times and have seen all different parts of the island, coast line and countryside with only the locals and staying at villa’s and guesthouses and its the BEST way to experience paradise. its home to my heart now and Im only happy when Im there. (see you in 30 days!) love

P.Cookinson – Well I have stayed at large and small. I would not do the RIU.. however, the Grand Palladium I have heard very good things. My personal choice with by the Grand Bahia Principe or the Negril Yoga Centre… great places!!

K. Alvarez – Never do All Inclusives… I agree with everything my dear K. Hanson said 🙂
D. Way -  Love this thread!! Kelly you said it all for me!!! Support Local Jamaica everytime!  Let’s say you’re making plans for a vacation with your family or a group of frie…nds. You want to do something different, set your own pace, not be bound by hotel timetables and dress codes. Preferably, you’d like just to be with your family or friends, not surrounded by hundreds of other people. You…See More

G. Crowe – go to a REAL Jamaica hotel! Our Past Time in Negril! Negril Beach Club! Alfred’s Ocean Palace. If you want all inclusive go to a Jamaica owned resort. Sandals or Beaches Resorts!

A. Basinger – Beaches Sandy Bay was allright, but preferred 4 Real Resort next to Coco La Palm.. Niah’s patties down the beach at the craft mkt, or Jerk Chicken accross the street. Ossies is not too far. All good.

W. Weed -Grand palladium is fine i actually live beside the hotel i recommend GRAND PALLADIUM HOTEL N SPA.

N.DanYard  – Grand Palladium is the preferred choice


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