Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending June 21 2013!

Barrington Levy: (Twitter: @LevyBarrington) I had a happy Father’s Day! Give Jah thanks for my Kid!

Tami Chynn: (Instagram: iamtamichynn) Two awesome Fathers!!! Daddy, I lift my hat to you everyday!!! 5 mouths to feed ain’t no joke!!! You have been an awesome SUPPORT system to us all!!! Love you to no end!!! @waynemarsheezy you are such an amazing Daddy already and I’m excited to make you a Daddy all over again!!!! Love you Like woah!!! #GodBlessAGreatDaddy

OMI: (Facebook) Much love and respect to the fathers out there and all the mothers who have to be fathers. Happy Fathers Day! #TeamOMI

Cherine Anderson: (Facebook) Its the beginning of a new week. What are your goals? Happy Monday!

Asafa Powell: (Twitter: @officialasafa) Reeeeeady! #jaaasvlnationaltrials Heat 4 Lane 3 #staytuned

Tyson Beckford: (Instagram: @tysoncbeckford) Best dressed on a summer day NYC in @alexandernashnyc

Tony Hendricks: (Twitter: @jamaicapaleface) @usainbolt Representing de I at Olympia original site of the #Olympics

Busy Signal: (Instagram: @busysignal_turf) Panama tonight, Colombia tomorrow!

Darren Mattocks: (Twitter: @DarrenMattocks) What lies behind usand what lies ahead of us are tiny matters we have no control over. Its what lies within us that matters.

Shakira Martin: (Instagram: @therealshaks) While everyone is in my house partying, this is how I’m spending my Saturday night #littlecousin