Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending July 5 2013!

Marion Hall: (Twitter: @LadySawDHQueen) To all fans and promoters as of the end of august i won’t be taking any shows LEAVING THE DANCEHALL business to the desperate ones. Thanks for all the support u guys have given me over the years i had a Good run N will forever love u God bless am out as of august 31. 

Gyptian: (Facebook) #reggae music rule the world str8! Go out by a record, CD or download, but support your favorite Reggae artist for International Reggae Day!

Sanya Richards-Ross: (Instagram: @sanyarichiross) So happyI got to spend the 4th with my Grandpee that turned 90 today! God is good!!!

Mr. Vegas: (Facebook) God is good!!! Look how sweet my kids are! What a blessing!

Romain Virgo: (Twitter: @RealRomainVirgo) One more thing. Make today be a different day in your life try suppn NEW and POSITIVE.Like saying HI to your Enemy… See what happens 🙂

Chronixx: (Instagram: @chronixxmusic) One likkle mawga youth…all Jah need is a vessel.Irrespectiveof age, color, class or creed. 

No-Maddz: (Facebook) Life is fragile. We give thanks for the shield of the Almighty that saved the lives of our Drummer Dorian and the driver…accident happen moments after the final showing of Breadfruit. He i out of hospital…driver still there. No excitement. Just some positive energy for recovery. Love.

Cecile: (Facebook) A little chit chat w/ Mr. Vegas in between shoot breaks! #NewSong #Videoshoot #ReunionIsland 

I-Octane: (Instagram: @realioctane) Walk wid Jah Jah…

Shaggy: (Twitter: @DiRealShaggy) St. Kitts maaad! Love y’all!