Round Up JA! A look at the social media happenings of Jamaicans Yaad and Abraad for the week ending March 29 2013!

Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce: (Facebook)
The positive side of spring, mangoes coming in! Have a great day fans:)

Asafa Powell: (Facebook)
Participating in hundreds of track meets gave me the opportunity to learn about different Cultures, and it made me a better person. I wouldn’t trade the time I competed for anything. Most importantly “I LOVE YOU MY FANS” you mean everything to me> This weekend I will be stepping on the tracks.
One Love!

Aleen Bailey (Twitter: @Aleenmae)
#TBT lil bro @usainbolt and I Athens 2006 World Cup pic.twitter.com/eV2FAGACZ

Wayne Marshall (Instagram: @waynemarsheezy)
Reunited and it feels so good!!!@tamichynn #instawife #loveher http://instagram.com/p/XTENCSB7Y1/

Beenie Man (Twitter: @KingBeenieMan)
Panama I’m coming to you this Saturday March 30 El Rey de Danehall see you at Playa San Carlos

Damian Marley (Facebook)
Well a me name Jr.Gong 
Me seh look how mi natty tall
Who nuh know me from dem see me
Me a living top-a-nor
Clarky boot and khaki suit 
You think me go a Calabar
Well pity dem nuh know seh every dreadlocks is a star

Usain St. Leo Bolt (Twitter: @usainbolt)
Press Conference for the Mano a Mano 150m race on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janiero

Mavado (Instagram: @mavadogully)
The family we the best Jamaica look out

Tony Hendricks (Twitter: @jamaicapaleface)
Uh oh! Which car is mine? The white one. They’re all white. Okay, press the remote. The white one with flashing orange lights. Phew! #Snow

Tyson Beckford (Instagram: @Tyson Beckford)
Even this dude gets his work out in! #reposthttp://instagram.com/p/XTPcwIQA_x/

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