Listen the History of Jamaican Music: Rude Boy Music

Rude Boy Music …
Rude Boy Music was a phenomenon that acted as a musical bridge in Jamaica in the mid 1960’s. As Ska was making its final impressions from its ‘hey-day’ and as Rock Steady was developing and emerging as the new musical style of choice, a significant number of artists took Ska and pumped up the bass line. Just as importantly, lyrically they began to address the Ghetto Youth in Jamaica as peers – equals. Ska was Big People music. NOW the youth had something they could REALLY relate to…Something to call their own. As it became apparent to many Jamaicans, at this time, that their independence had seen the dissolution of British rule only to be replaced by American economic domination, social behaviour began to decline. There had been no tangible improvement in life after independence. More and more young men had moved from country to Kingston seeking fame and fortune, or at least a decent living. This would NOT be the case and violence and bad minded actions were the result. In a sense, Rude Boy music was the seed that led to a portion of what we hear from the ‘slack’ corners of today’s dancehall. Listen Now