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Santa Claws

Markdown:Every year Santa Claws and discreetly mauls my reputation as a caring and giving dadHe being disingenuous makes me, ‘stone moderated mad.’Enough is enough; Since children aren’t told whom their Christmas presents are really from, I’ll now expose Santa’s massive global scam. In the 1930’s Coco-Cola soft drink Company wanted a key figure for an imaginary Christmas icon and so American artist Haddon Sundblom painted the now legendary Santa Claus man.It was from Clement Moore’s 1822 poem, “A visit from St.Nicholas” that Haddon drew inspiration and created the white bearded, red and white suited man. Since then in every mall I saw them satLittle children Santa Claus lapTelling them if they aren’t naughty but niceHe’ll leave them their desired toys on Christmas Eve night.But what of me a father that have worked so hardProviding for my children in the bitter cold abroadWhy rob me of the recognition and thanks for the presents I’ve boughtThen give it to the prankster, Santa Claus the fraud.I would love to be acknowledged and appreciated for the things I’ve doneI’ve sacrifice a lot for my children’s welfare and funAll year from dust to dawn I’ve laboured so hardAt times doing two jobs to send things back a yardI’ve shipped barrels and parcels all through the year andConstantly remit money for my children’s care.Where was Santa when my children were heading back to school?No help with lunch money, books or education toolsWhere he was when food, rent and medical bills are to be paid?No sign of him for those other 11 months of the year.I feel despised and cheated now when Christmas comes around andSanta heap and rob my praises then leaves me with a frown.I can’t be home for Christmas this year as things are really hardbut I’ve once again made the sacrifice for a irie Christmas dung a yard.My wish now for Christmas is a ban on Santa Claus and teach and educate our children on the true gift of Christmas joy.Merry Christmas to you and Happy 2010 to all.

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Kharl Daley