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Screening a difficult tenant in a country like Jamaica?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,
I am trying to rent mothers property in Jamaica and have requested the following details:-
1. previous landlords contact details, but prospective tenant replied moving from birth place so unable to provide
2. previous employers contact details, but tenant replied she owns her own business
3. requested bank statements in order to prove income, but tenant replies as per instruction from my childs’ father who is a criminologist “based on my profession giving personal banking information input/output as proof of affordability is very unwise and I will not allow it”

So how does one screen potential tenants otherwise
Mark Stefan

RESPONSE: Dear Mark,
If you really need that tenant, there are alternative ways to research the information you seek. There are also alternative ways to determine credibility. for example ask for recommendations from persons she does business with. Any other assistance will require official arrangements with the team.

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