Send me Back to Jamaica

Just send me back to Dunn’s river falls
where the suns boils its raging blunder
ocean of blue lay open with its nakedness
willingly beckons my advantage
-of moisturious sweet passion
and trees of virgin green, adorn
cascading water falls. With no hurry
I will stride in slow motion

Send me back to Magnificent mountain of blue;
where coffee beans blood red drips morning dew,
Where I shall quench my parched tongue
-created in this snow ball world
legs are so tired and weak from running free.
And the bitter life of great north cage me.
Set me free from your slavery-
Let me mingle with the sunrise in my hazy dream

Wild hogs sizzling on logwood
-dripping fat in murderous flames
Aroma stenge my bed of fry dumpling rise in coconut fat
ackee and cod-fish, cocoa tea, and the cock crows
in the morning who would want to miss that

Send me back to where lover’s young
frivolous innocent and free
here men are roasted bread fruit black out white inside
I want again real Jamaican male
untarnished, unburdened, unburned my north America
broken promises.

Send me back to Montego Bay
Where I bask in my royal birthright
God ‘s creative bliss
The ground of the island I will kiss

Mail me to Kingston, to Bob Marley’s Museum
– where I’ll tie his long, long lax
around my neck, and there I’ll chose to die
on my land that absorbs the blood of my
My protective sack, and my umbilical cord
I will let go and forever
freedom, freedom, freedom at last

Send me to Negril, unspoilt, untamed, uninhabited
let me dream release my spirit in the seductiveness
of Westmoreland
let me dig a trench seven miles long and bury my
a new dream, sing a new song, from the top of
towering cliffs -no guarded illusion
where the promises aren’t water in a basket
I jump and soar like an eagle
to port Antonio, where I unleash in heavenly beauty
and I will take a rest at none such cave.

Yes! Send me back where they’ll squeeze my over
easy rear on a minibus to Mandeville
where nature’s unspoilt beauty, sift my tried soul
on hilltops of Manchester with the coolest breeze
I will fine what I so dream eternal zeeeeeeezes

O! Send me back to Jamaica, please send me back
only once for my lover and I will visit lovers leap
and if I don’t make it to Jamaica
spread my ashes, over lovers leap
so we’ll never be apart
Not if you send me back
to Jamaica………..Home
Home……………… last