Good Morning Four directions!
Did I take the time to say greetings hello — to you?
In my blues did I felt your wind, your spirit?
Upon my body within my soul,
Did I take the time to look at you—tree?
To see beauty, how short, stout
Slim and erect you stand–like me,
Like I am–wish to be?

Did I observe the spirit of your soaring wind?
Eagle, moving birds in my– complains?
Did I take the time to thank you four directions?
When I call upon you in my pain?
–That I have caused upon myself–others?

Did I take the time to listen?
When you speak to me
Did I tell you I love you?
Did I hear you say I love you—to me?
In your serenity
Did I tell you how precious you are to me?
As I breathe in, exhale out?
As I foul the universe with my hurt?
Did I ask for your apology in my need?
Did I truly four direction thank you?

See your wind healing guiding protecting,
Showing me romance—in my undesirable ways?
Did I take the time to pray—embrace you?
Did I notice you in my grief disappointment?
Did I receive and give to others
Who have set the path for me?

In my success
Did I take the time to tell you?
How special you are just like me?
If I didn’t four direction
Let me say hi, hello and thank you

This is my prayer
For the world to have
To know
It is it is because
Of you four wind—quiet and holy
One  I am here.

Let’s move forward in love,