I love Jamaica – Trip Reports

Wonderful laid back culture
by Debra Bower

Eight years ago, I met a Jamaican named Philbert McKenzie. He has shared his life with us every year for eight years. We love Philip and look forward every year to seeing him and his wife Junie and children. He takes us to parts of Jamaica that no other tourist ever gets to see. We are coming back in July for a ninth time. Please tell all tourists that we love venturing off the resort to explore things that most people never see. We feel as though we are Jamericans. We plan to buy a retirement home in Negril just to be with the wonderful laid back culture and the wonderful people like Philip.Looking foward to returning
by Al & Blaine

My wife & I traveled to Montego Bay last Dec (2001) & stayed at Sandals Royal Caribbean. This was our 29th trip. All to the Royal. Over the years, we have met & enjoyed the company of some of the nicest people in the world. We enjoy the country, the people, & its culture.

We correspond all year with some of the staff members & it makes us feel like we are still connected until we return.
Sandals & Jamaica are one great team. Looking forward to returning.
Al & BlaineJAMAICA is the best in the world…
by Francesca

My first and only trip to Jamaica was in August 2001. I think that JAMAICA is the best in the world for the people, for the place, for the sea, for every thing… so I would like to go live in Jamaica, working and living in this paradise… “Jamaica no problem” it’s impossible, but I prefer every Jamaican’s problem to the Italian’s problem!!! I hope to go again in a last time.Looking foward to returning
by Sister J – London

My last trip to JA was in April 98. I traveled with my sister and my son. We had a fantastic time. This was my 3rd visit and this was one of my best visits why? Well, we stayed in a Villa rented in Ohio, nobody to answer to and all that. We traveled on the bus downtown and had a wicked time. I even went to a Stone Love Dance – my last of course because I am now a born again Christian.

But to cut a long story short We all had a wicked/brilliant/fantastic/excellent/absolutely wonderful time. I can’t wait to go againCulture Shock

Our first time to Jamaica, we stayed at Eaton Hall in Runaway Bay. At first, the ride there was a culture shock. However, once we got there they made us feel right at home. Most travel companies did not even carry this property, but you should look it up. We were looking for something nice but not to expensive. Eaton Hall was an old plantation, small but not to small. There was only two bars, but there was never a long wait for a drink. We knew all of the staff, especially the bartenders. It being small allowed us to meet many fun new people. We even went on excursion with many of the new friends that we met. The rooms were large, clean and had a great view. The whole resort was very well kept.

There was a small beach, compared to a lot of places, but part of it was dedicated topless. The location was good, because we were in between Montego Bay and Ochie. That made the cab fares not so bad. We had no problems mon.Great Place
by Elizabeth Mesquita

Ocho Rios, Jamaica is the place to go! I met my husband here in Atlanta, Georgia and went to Ocho Rios a few months later. Jamaica Grande (all inclusive) is awesome, a bit much, but you get all you could possibly want. Hibiscus Lodge, which is beyond Jamaica Grande is a wonderful place and includes breakfast in your nightly rate. Village Hotel (downtown Ocho Rios) is a nice little hotel (pool is on the roof) that includes breakfast in your nightly rate as well.

Any place you go is great! Just be careful, as you would anywhere and have a blast.Can’t Keep Up
by Juanita

Wow, me cant keep way from dis place massa, practically lived there when I was small but I still return. Go every year, been recently this summer with my sister, hope to go again this year. I love it, its my roots, its a place where you can go and forget about everything and be more cultural. I live in London, my dad is Jamaican (from the country) but we’ve got a house in Ochee, its great. My sister and I had a wonderful time, the best of all was going to Bob Marley’s place, it was a surprise, what a surprise it was; it was great, what an experience!

My family is all there so it’s great when you can just go and run up and hug em and they talk about how big you’ve grown and are you doing well at school. Well we went to many sites, (Rosehall, Green Grotto Caves, Fern Gully) and relaxed on the beach.

Love Jamaica
by “Desiree’ Barlieb”

I love Jamaica! I vacation in Montego Bay every year for at least a week. The people are the most beautiful in the world! Sun & Fun. The country is absolutely gorgeous. There are always things to do. I can’t wait until October. Ya mon I “soon come”.

I met a wonderful man there who shares my dreams and we have corresponded ever since. We are looking forward to being together again in July. We like to snorkel and fish and do just about any water activities together. I love the ocean and can see myself retiring there in a few years. Jamaica is a paradise of dreams come true for many people. I urge everyone to give it a fair try and see for yourself what a beautiful place it is. Peace, Barbie