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Should my student niece in Jamaica now pay electricity after two months at rented room?

QUESTION: Dear Legal Wiz,

I have my niece renting a half room for $15,000 near a college in Kingston as she is a student there. Her roommate pays $15,000 also. They have been there since September and they have never paid electricity or water bills based on their arrangements with the landlord. My niece is now calling me to tell me that the landlord wants she and her roommate to pay the electricity bills. My niece says every month since she started living there, he has been coming to she and her roommate for money to clear the bills.

The bill is almost $4,000 but I think this is crazy as in the first place $30,000 is way too high for that tiny room, and they are students. What is going on in Jamaica? Can you assist me in finding another place for them to live with reasonable pricing?

Dawn Marie

RESPONSE: Dear Dawn Marie,

We are urging you to find out exactly what the arrangement is before you panic. Perhaps they did arrange to pay the bills separately. If it is that they did arrange to pay the bills separately, it is recommended that you get a lease done as soon as is possible for all parties to sign.

If they did not agree to pay utilities separately, you will need to understand the premise upon which he is asking for monies now. It may seem odd, but before you act properly investigate whats happening by even speaking with the landlord. 

Please feel free to contact us again, after you do. Yes we do have persons who can assist in finding other accommodations.

Legal Wiz

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