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Skip Marley Featured in W Condé Nast Magazine

Bob Marley’s grandson Skip Marley, 21, is the subject of a feature article in W Conde Nast magazine in which he displays the cool Jamaican no-stress approach to life he inherited from his grandfather to interviewer Emilia Petrarca. He begins by saying that he got “a little bit stressed” when he was on stage at the Grammys with Katy Perry. Skip Marley talks about his love of music and how he grew up touring with his mother, aunts and uncles who comprise the group Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers. Now Skip has two recorded singles of his own and a credit on the Katy Perry single “Chained to the Rhythm.” When describing what it was like to work with Perry and renown producer Max Martin , Marley says “it was surreal.” He said it was “cool” to be in the same room with these people that he had known about for some time. He also said that he and Katy “really meshed well.” Skip Marley is working on a debut solo album, with sounds linked to Bob Marley’s reggae plus suggestions of “purposeful pop,” which is how “Chained to the Rhythm” has been described. And just like everything he does, the album is “genre-less and boundary-less.” Skip was shy as a teenager about his singing voice, but his uncle Stephen Marley pushed him on stage during a concert and encouraged him to sing Bob Marley’s “One Love” to the crowd. “From that moment on, I felt music.” When asked if he plans to claim the Bob Marley throne, he says that his grandfather is living through the family every day in the choices they make, but instead of trying to fill the legend’s shoes, Skip is focused on “being the voice of the next generation.” He wants to try to bring back the “connection of how it used to be back in the day,” he says. “Between people.”

Source: W Conde Nast magazine

Photo Credit: Instagram @skipmarley

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