What a slamming vacation!

I had a great time in Jamaica, I was there for my b-day April 5, though the 10th. My boyfriend and me were staying at the grand Braco hotel. We had a great time. We are talking about next year’s vacation already. We went with the Fun Jet vacation pack. The surprise pack. We had a fun time. All Inclusive, you have to get the all inclusive it only makes since. I wish I could go back again this year. It’s a once a year kind of trip. This was our First time there. I always wanted to go, but never made it. I’ m so glad i finally went. I’am not so crazy about flying. Hahahaha

I told all my friends and family how much fun we had and advise them to plan a trip. You won’t regret it! I told them.
We went on the tour there. To the market and Dunns River was a blast. Our last day i got sick, i had a temp of 101.1degrees and our last day was in the hotel nursing me back to good health. I think the weather was getting too cold at night. The water had a lot to do with my temp. I was cold at night, hot during the day. I only took summer clothes for the trip. I thought it was going to be hotter. I really like hot weather. Okay thats all she wrote!

Talk next year!