Song by Jamaican Reggae Artist Selected for James Bond Movie “No Time to Die”

Song by Jamaican Reggae Selected for James Bond Movie No Time to Die - Teacha Dee Jamaican Damion Darrel Warren

A song by Jamaican reggae artist Damion Darrel Warren, better known as Teacha Dee, has been selected for inclusion in the new James Bond film entitled “No Time to Die.” The song “Rastafari Way” was part of a compilation project by Giddimani Productions that is owned and run by reggae producer Perfect Giddimani, Handcart Boy singer.

Teacha Dee, who currently lives in Germany, expressed shock and disbelief when he first received an email from a firm called Search Party, a company based in New York that matches songs with movie scenes. He did some research on the firm and then called Perfect Giddimani and received confirmation that the new was the real thing.

Giddimani signed the licensing deal for “Rastafari Way” in 2020. The song is on the “Horns of Africa” project and on an album released in 2018. The song was not a big hit, but he believes it is a “timeless, beautiful song” and feels that its selection for the film “rewarded him for good work.” For these reasons, Giddimani is not surprised it was chosen by the film’s producers. He is not sure where “Rastafari Way” is used in the film, but that it is part of one of the scenes shot in Jamaica.

According to Teacha Dee, the song describes his struggles in leaving teaching to pursue Rastafari and music. He had been the mathematics specialist at Glendevon Primary and Junior High School, but was creating songs and sending them to Europe. He took an approved leave of eight months from teaching and traveled to Europe to find that his songs were big, chart-topping hits there. As a result, he made the difficult choice to leave teaching. He is best known for the singles “Smoke and Fly,” “Reggae Souljahs,” and “Smuggling Weed.” All of these were recorded while he was still teaching.

Damion Darrel Warren was born in Westmoreland in 1980. His stage name is a combination of the Jamaican Creole word for “teacher” and a shortened form of his childhood nickname of “Demus.” He attended Unity Primary School and ultimately Won a place at Manning’s School, graduating in 1997. He went on to study at Sam Sharpe Teachers College. He was employed by Jamaica’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture as a teacher of mathematics, integrated science, and information communication technology. He worked at Glendevon Primary and Junior High School in Montego Bay until he resigned in 2012 to pursue his music career.

“No Time to Die” is the 25th film in the James Bond franchise, and its release has again been delayed. It is now scheduled to open on October 8, 2021, instead of the previously scheduled April 2, 2021 date. The film, which marks the final performance of actor Daniel Craig as James Bond will be released by MGM in North America and by Universal internationally.

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