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Review: “Souldancing” with Jean Lowrie-Chin in New York

She warmed the room with her smile like the Caribbean sun and the audience anxiously waited while they basked in the beauty of her gentle presence, a scarf, with the colors of the Jamaican flag, gently cascading down the front of her dress. A little behind her scheduled arrival at Ruder Finn, Inc. because of the unceasing evening rain, her pleasant personality just shone right through and put everyone at ease. Jean Lowrie-Chin, fellow author, columnist and mother, read a few pieces from her book “Souldance” and had the crowd in an uproar at times and at other times reminiscing on the Jamaican paradise that we left behind. It was impressive to say the least.

Her writings are prolific and her book cover design was remarkably authentic – two little caramel colored angels with dread locks and a ribbon with the Rastafarian colors. The art work is obviously Jamaican and brings home a deliberately sweet setting for the 170 pages of writings within. Jean keeps it real. Jamaica has its paradise but it also has its ‘plagues’. David Heron, a Jamaican playwright and actor in New York and good friend to Lowrie-Chin, also read a few pieces and expressed them in a very feeling manner. He got your attention and gripped you for as long as he read.

Dave Rodney, moderated the evening’s affairs. Gail Moaney, executive Vice President of Ruder Finn, did the welcome. Ambassador Audrey P. Marks, whose arrival was also affected by the inclement weather, spoke enthusiastically about the book and recommended it highly to all Jamaicans. Anthony Turner delivered the vote of thanks after folks lined up to get their autographed copies of “Souldance”. Spirits were lifted and souls were fed for having attended this “dance” session…and Lowrie-Chin is ranked as another one of Jamaica’s poetic DJs.             

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