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Spiritual Frustration

Do you ever pray and pray as if your prayers feel as if it’s in vain? We usually assume our prayers hold no ground with the Creator; just a water bowl with many holes. Praying for world peace is something almost all of us seek, yet it seems world peace is something we aren’t able to achieve–it’s something of a fantasy. Is it our lack of patience? Is it the humanness of us being demanding and trying to control something that is beyond our control? Is it the wars of our own mind that is need of peace? As we look around the place we once view beautiful in our eyes as a youth, there we see now in our adulthood a place of uncertain. We begin to feel a sense of irritation and doubt lingers in our mind. We question our faith. Where is this Creator whom many call Christ? How can Christ not hear our pleas? How can Christ allow these disturbances to occur?

We did not know that there are spiritual laws that govern our steps towards our communion with God. We focus mostly on the physical law. We did not know each day we are being tested on our intimacy with the Creator and how we master the spirit of humbleness. How we see and embrace others even in their mishaps. We did not know that people we view as not agreeable to our spirit is a lesson that we ourselves need to change within. Even though we were taught that whatever you think so you attract, somehow our ears deafens to take heed. We fail to see ourselves…..maybe its’ too hard to see our reflection, to digest that our behavior is ugly and unattractive. We fail to hear because we let the ego speak. So, we invite unhealthy spirit of conflict. We did not realize that ‘order’ is in need of spiritual peace and success. For without change within, accepting others as they are, aggression grows and there we lose the sanctity of ourselves. We are guilty of trying to make things happen quick – trying to control—which allows us to mess up, become bitter, lash out and there we fall short in our spiritual growth. Most of us will agree that this feeling of doubt and irritation is the self being spiritually frustrated. It’s the self coming to terms that there is conflict within. We are frustrated with the long periods of waiting for that answer we seek. We are challenged by the ‘echoes’ of our own mind reminding us that we are human, imperfect and dependable on the Creator— and without the Creator that is where our war begins. In the mist of such doubts, that is where we have to make a conscious decision to take charge of those conflicting thoughts and keep on praying. Keep on believing that all answer that is of good will occur.

Even in the moments of self doubt when others whisper that world peace will never be, keep on united in prayer nourishing the spirit of love and let God make it all happen. In the moment of that twinge of ‘wanting to control’ every circumstance and each other let us all give credit and remember who is in control, no other than God. There our spiritual frustration will no longer take hold, charge of our mind but we become spiritual attuned with God. May our thoughts and heart speak love, truth even in the mist of fear. May our steps bring unity and division is of no more. May the Creator love continue to flow, blessing, anointing and enlightening us all with spiritual wholeness.

Until then, walk good.

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