Spring break 98 – loved it!!!!!

I went to Ocho Rios in March for spring break. We stayed at the renaissance Jamaica Grande resort. It was the best hotel. The nightlife was awesome. I met so many people there and we hung out together every night. The beaches there were nice and the pools were open all night! Horseback riding was the best cause we got to see the little towns in the mountains. Dunn’s river falls was great too. I can’t explain how awesome Jamaica was. We even stayed 4 days longer then we planned to! I can’t wait to get together with everyone I met there! Even the staff was fun to talk to. The place was so much fun that I talk about it all the time. This hotel was all- inclusive and so nice. You have to stay there if you go. It was a 2-hour ride to the hotel from the airport but it went fast cause you were watching the scenic stuff. I can’t wait to go back. It was the best time I’ve ever had! It’s definitely a vacation filled with memories!