Book Review: Sprinting into History: Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games

About the Book
Jamaica has long been a global power on the track, having achieved far more medals on a per capita basis than any other country in the Olympics.

The impact that the country has made on the global athletic landscape belies its population and geographical size.

It was, therefore, not surprising that Jamaica sprinted into history in many different ways during the 2008 Olympic Games, including achieving its highest medal haul of 11 since the country first participated in the Olympic Games in 1948.

This book is intended to capture Jamaica’s performance at the Olympics over the years, especially during the 2008 Olympic Games. 

Book Review –A Must-read for fans - Reviewed By Kayon Raynor-  Jamaica Observer

Sprinting into History – Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games, a book written by Delano Franklyn which chronicles Jamaica’s prowess in track & field from the nation’s first trek to the Olympics in 1948 to last summer’s Beijing Games, is a must-read for sporting enthusiasts worldwide.


The script explores Jamaica’s unparalleled successes in the sport of track & field globally, through the use of statistics and tables like it has never been done before.

Throwing back to pioneers such as Herb McKenley, Arthur Wint and George Rhoden from 1948 right through to the current stars in Usain Bolt, Veronica Campbell-Brown, Melaine Walker and Shelly-Ann Fraser, the book documents their successes in the Olympics.


Even though Franklyn, an attorney-at-law, never participated in track & field at a high level, his scholastic approach to tracing the nation’s history in the sport is commendable.


He demonstrates how the sport of track & field continues to bring success to the nation with a population of 2.8 million people, while contextualising how other people such as reggae icon Bob Marley, Pan Africanist Marcus Garvey and former West Indies cricket captain Courtney Walsh, among others, helped to establish Jamaica on the world stage.


However, Franklyn’s sixth book does not only dwell on the positives that track & field has brought to the nation, but also examines Jamaica’s shortcomings in the fight against doping, be it real or perceived.


As pointed out by Franklyn in the introduction to Sprinting into History – Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games: “The chapters record and examine such issues as why Jamaica athletes run so fast, the business of athletics, drug testing and national building.” 

About the Author
Delano Franklyn is a practicing Attorney-at-Law and is one of the founding partners of the law firm Wilson Franklyn Barnes. His areas of legal work include, civil and criminal litigation, corporate, real estate, property, industrial relations, family, intellectual property, entertainment and sports law.

He was appointed a Senator in 2002 and served as a Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade from 2002 to 2007.

As Minister of State, he was responsible for the Jamaica Diaspora Community, the Summit of the Americas, Regional and International Organisations such as the Organisation of American States, the Association of Caribbean States, UNESCO, the Rio Group and the Latin America Economic System. His portfolio responsibilities also included Consular, Marine and Aviation Affairs.

Regarding the Jamaica Diaspora Community he initiated the implementation of the Jamaica Diaspora Conference; the Jamaica Diaspora Board; the Jamaica Diaspora Foundation; the Jamaica Diaspora Institute and the proclamation of Jamaica Diaspora Day, which is now commemorated on June 16th each year.

Mr. Franklyn was presented with the keys to the City of Miramar, Florida on February 23, 2005, which was also declared ‘Delano Franklyn Day’ for his contribution to the Jamaican Diaspora and his support for nationals overseas.

He is a trained Teacher, a former Manager of the Jamaica National Youth Service and was the Chief Advisor to a former Prime Minister of Jamaica.

During his years at High School, College and University, Mr. Franklyn was elected the President of a number of student and youth organisations at the national level. He is the only Jamaican to have been the President of both the National Secondary Students’ Council (NSSC) and the Jamaica Union of Tertiary Students (JUTS), and also the only Jamaican to have been elected President of the Guild of Undergraduates at both campuses of the University of the West Indies in Mona and Cave Hill, respectively.

He received his secondary education at Kingston College and his tertiary education at Mico Teachers College (now Mico University College), the University of the West Indies and the Norman Manley Law School.

He is chairman of the Michael Manley Foundation and the Asafa Powell Foundation. He was the chairman of the committee that planned the home coming celebrations for the Jamaica athletes after the 2004 Olympic Games. In 2006 and 2007 Mr. Franklyn represented Jamaica on the CARICOM Prime Ministerial Sub-committee on Cricket during the planning and preparation for Cricket World Cup 2007.

In 1999, he was appointed a Justice of the Peace and in 2000, he was one of the distinguished graduates who received the Millennium Award from the Mico Teachers College.

He was a candidate of the People’s National Party in the 2007 general elections.

Mr. Franklyn’s publications include, The Right Move – Corporate Leadership and Governance in Jamaica (2001); A Voice in Caribbean and World Politics (2002); Challenges of Change (2003); We Want Justice – Jamaica and the Caribbean Court of Justice (2005); Michael Manley – The Politics of Equality (2009) and Sprinting into History – Jamaica and the 2008 Olympic Games (2009).


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